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Trend – January 14, 2019: Top 11 Bratislava Restaurants Offering a Gastronomic Experience

If you want to try dishes that are unique in Slovakia, such as wild Alaskan salmon, king crabs, or the best sourdough bread, you are in the right place…

Trend – August 30, 2018: A rarity that (not only) Vienna restaurants don’t have

In Bratislava, one of the most renowned delicacies in the world has been served for several days – fresh meat from Alaskan king crab, also known as Kamchatka crab…

Trend – 27. 10. 2019: Trend Top 2018 – Restaurant Ratings

This restaurant on Hviezdoslav Square is a phenomenon. Whether you pass by at lunchtime or in the evening, you will always see the terrace almost fully occupied. In the evening, it’s usually difficult to get a table without a reservation…

Trend – September 23, 2018: A monster from the icy ocean is a rare delicacy and rarity. They have it in Bratislava.

They also call it a sea monster, and when you look at the size of the massive specimens, the nickname is justified – the span of its claws can reach two meters and an individual can weigh 15 kilograms, although most are somewhat smaller.

Trend – September 24, 2018: Infected salmon feeding on feces: Slovaks eat them, focusing mainly on the price

Wild fish, wild salmon, wild tuna – with an emphasis on the word “wild.” Such labels were encountered by Slovak gastronomists, the Gergeľ couple, at fish markets and restaurants during their travels in the USA and Japan years ago.

Trend – November 22, 2011: White Truffles at Kogo

A diamond of the kitchen, a gourmet delicacy, and an aphrodisiac. Dishes flavored with white truffle from Alba, a sought-after gourmet delicacy, are offered by the Bratislava restaurant Kogo starting Tuesday.

Trend – February 15, 2011: Unique USDA Prime Steak at Kogo Restaurant

Less than 2% of beef produced in the USA qualifies as Prime. The Bratislava restaurant Kogo has added to its menu a steak that meets the strictest USDA criteria…

Trend – June 10, 2015: Food with the Label Super Healthy

Super healthy foods – you have probably come across this term before. One of the trends in gastronomy is to work with ingredients that are labeled this way. Of course, to some extent, it is a marketing tactic…

Trend – March 27, 2016: What Are the Secrets of Successful Restaurants

What is the answer to the question of how to make an establishment not only high-quality but also sought after by guests? It’s complicated. “Many factors determine this, and there is probably no universal recipe for success.

HN STYLE: 10 Top Business Restaurants

We are proud to have been ranked among the TOP 10 business restaurants in Slovakia by HNonline.sk. This ranking recognizes our efforts to provide first-class culinary experiences and excellent service to our customers.

Trend – March 15, 2018: We Know the Best Restaurants and Hotels in Slovakia

The best restaurants, hotels, and guesthouses in Slovakia, as well as the top sommeliers and chefs, were traditionally announced by TREND for the 16th time at the gala evening of the Horeca Management conference…

Trend – April 7, 2018: To Satisfy Guests, Staff Must Be Satisfied

According to Dalibor Gergeľ, owner of the Bratislava restaurants Kogo and D.Steakhouse, an employee must already have three-quarters of what they deliver within themselves.

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