Savor the ocean’s bounty: Exceptional wild-caught fish and fresh seafood


≈ KOGO – wild fish only ≈

the story of kogo

KOGO was opened with love and passion for good food and wine in 2006. Without any previous experience in gastronomy, we created a place where everyone feels at home. Our priority is quality – from selected wild fish to homemade sourdough bread, which we bake every day.

We invite you to taste our unique dishes, which are the highlight of our menu. Discover seasonal specialties, where each ingredient tells a story of quality and freshness.

≈ KOGO – wild fish only ≈

Discover our Oyster Bar

Step into a world of unparalleled flavors at our Oyster Bar, where the king of seafood delicacies – the Alaskan King Crab – takes center stage. We offer an unforgettable gastronomic experience with a unique selection of the finest oysters, fish dishes, and exclusive caviar that perfectly complements the flavor profile of our crabs.

≈ KOGO – wild fish only ≈


At KOGO, we focus on creating dishes that reflect our passion for quality and innovation. Our cuisine is inspired by the richness of Mediterranean flavors, with a particular emphasis on fresh, wild fish and seafood. Every dish is prepared with an emphasis on the freshness and seasonality of ingredients, to bring you an unforgettable experience with every bite.



What Makes KOGO Special?

Wild Fish and Seafood

We offer exclusively wild species that are caught in the wild, ensuring not only excellent taste but also high nutritional value. Fish such as wild King Chinook Salmon caught on a hook, Sea Bass caught on a hook off the coast of Brest (FR), or wild shrimp caught in the Pacific off the coast of Canada are absolute gourmet world unique items.

Homemade Sourdough Bread

Our bread is baked on-site from high-quality rye and wheat flours, giving it a unique texture and taste. It is prepared by hand daily. The production of one loaf takes 26 hours, and Dalibor spent a year perfecting the composition and production process, resulting in today’s unique Artisan bread.


We offer meat from our partner farm near Galanta as well as a special type of BLACK ANGUS USDA PRIME grade from Nebraska (USA).

Attention to Detail

Each dish is prepared and served with love and care to provide you with not only a visual but also a taste experience.

Italian Desserts and Ice Cream

All our desserts and ice cream are made using traditional Italian techniques, bringing a piece of Italy directly to your plates.

≈ More than 300 Types of Wine ≈

Wine List

At KOGO Restaurant, we have a deep passion for wine, reflected in the more than 300 types of wines available on our menu. Together with our sommelier Peter Majerník, we regularly discover new wineries around the world, from large well-known vineyards to small family cellars that produce unique and fascinating wines.

≈ KOGO – wild fish only ≈


Delight your acquaintances with a gift voucher in the value of your choice.

≈ KOGO – wild fish only ≈

Reserve Your Table

Enjoy the unique atmosphere of our restaurant located in the heart of Bratislava. Whether you choose to sit on one of our stylish terraces or inside, we guarantee you an unforgettable experience.