Story of Kogo

Food and wine lovers

KOGO restaurant was opened in 2006 with great enthusiasm and without any prior experience in gastronomy. We are proud that our passion for quality food and wine has become our livelihood. We created KOGO intuitively as a restaurant we would love to visit ourselves. We put on the menu what we would like to eat and what was missing in Bratislava: fresh fish and seafood.

We constantly enrich our menu with Mediterranean cuisine dishes that we fell in love with during our travels around the world. We don’t worry about the societal acceptability of our menu – we cook what we love and share it with enthusiasm! In 2014, another restaurant joined Kogo, specializing in steaks: D.Steakhouse.

Focused on quality

From the beginning, we have specialized in fresh fish and seafood, and we have remained committed to this. Our best-selling dish – grilled octopus – has been offered for 14 years according to the same recipe. We decided to sell only the highest quality, wild, hook-caught fish from safe seas recommended by the FDA.

Non-farmed fish contain more nutrients, are tastier, and are of higher quality. We buy fish directly, completely fresh, whole, and portion them right here to be 100% sure of what we serve on your plate. The quality of the ingredients is most important to us, and you can check it yourself by looking into our fish display case!

Creators of atmosphere

Our restaurant primarily consists of two spacious terraces in a modern Mediterranean style, located in the historic center of Bratislava, on the pedestrian zone. The covered terraces provide comfort in any weather – in winter, they are glassed-in and effectively heated, while in summer, they are airy and cool (surrounded by trees providing plenty of pleasant shade). Just order and enjoy the beautiful view of the Carlton Hotel and the historic building of the Slovak National Theatre.

We are proud that since its inception, our restaurant has consistently ranked among the TREND TOP 10 restaurants in Slovakia.

Advocates of freshness

At Kogo, we bake our own wheat-rye sourdough bread daily, which we developed ourselves. It never occurred to us that something seemingly as “ordinary” as bread could also be so complex. Dalibor nurtured, refined, and improved our rye sourdough starter (named Jožko, as it was started on St. Joseph’s Day) and learned to bake bread through trial and error for almost a year until he was satisfied with the result.

Until our bread was soft yet crunchy, moist and fragrant, with sufficiently large “eyes” and a pronounced flavor, it could seem that making bread is “just” correctly applied biochemistry. However, it is more of a divine alchemy with perfect timing. Bread is a gift from God, the foundation of our diet, and we believe that you will enjoy ours!

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Reserve Your Table

Enjoy the unique atmosphere of our restaurant located in the heart of Bratislava. Whether you choose to sit on one of our stylish terraces or inside, we guarantee you an unforgettable experience.