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We are proud to be the only place in Slovakia (and far beyond) to offer truly wild KING CHINOOK SALMON. Yes, it’s the same salmon that bears catch on National Geographic. Our salmon is caught by fishermen with a hook in the cold Copper River in Alaska.

The wild “KING” boasts truly royal attributes. It ranks among the top 3 healthiest fish and the top 10 healthiest foods in the world! It has an extremely high content of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin D, and astaxanthin. Its flesh has no grey fat islands, which are common in farmed salmon and tend to “foam” when cooked. In other words, compared to other salmon, the “KING” has much less but much higher quality and healthier fat.

The KING owes its distinct flavor and intense salmon-pink color to a natural, super-potent antioxidant called astaxanthin, which is among the top 5 fighters against skin aging!

Story of KING Salmon

The “KING” Chinook salmon teaches us that every meal has a story. In one portion of wild KING CHINOOK SALMON from Alaska, you can see its entire life cycle: how it was born in a river, moved to the Pacific Ocean, swam thousands of kilometers, and then returned to its native river. Scientists still cannot explain what kind of “radar” the salmon has built into its body that reliably brings it back exactly where it was born. Only 2% of salmon survive the journey from the native river to the ocean and back. The KING is so vital that the American military named its best helicopter after it.

The strength and skill of the fisherman who caught it on a hook are also embodied in the salmon fillet. These salmon are caught using a special, very gentle method called trolling. Each portion also contains the energy of the people on the boat, at the port, and the skill of the airplane pilot who transported it to Europe. And finally, the work of our chef, who carefully prepared it to preserve its organoleptic characteristics (meaning taste and smell) and nutritional value. In one portion of salmon, the entire life energy, joy, skill, and artistry come together so that we can enjoy it at KOGO!


Every week, we purchase a fresh, whole tuna, usually weighing 40 kg,which we portion ourselves with amazement. The tuna has a perfectly hydrodynamic body, retractable side fins, and a sickle-shaped tail. The word “tuna” comes from Greek and means “to rush.”Americans have long studied why the tuna can move at speeds of up to 100 km/h. based on this, they designed their most powerful torpedo. It has a special circulatory system that allows it to retain blood and energy in its muscles, which is why it has that typical pink-red flesh.

Tuna it is very rich in B vitamins, trace elements, and omega-3 fatty acids. Most importantly, it contains… selenium in an unusual form called selenoneineSelenium is one of the most powerful antioxidants (fighters against aging) in the world. A 200g serving of tuna covers up to 400% of our daily recommended selenium intake, and moreover, this special form prevents the absorption of mercury from fish into our bodies. Therefore, tuna is one of the most suitable fish for regular consumption.


Sea bass is a very popular fish due to its clean, iodine-rich, long-lasting ocean flavor. It has white, juicy flesh arranged in a “zig-zag” pattern. However, not all sea bass are the same. The colder the sea and the wilder (non-farmed) the fish, the tastier it is. We buy our sea bass from a fishing family in Brittany, France, who have been fishing them for generations.They catch the sea bass in the open sea using hooks, which is time-consuming and weather-dependent. They refuse to engage in mass fishing with nets for three reasons:

  1. Other marine creatures can get caught in the nets, which can harm them.
  2. Caught fish can get damaged by rubbing against each other in the nets.
  3. When fishing with hooks, they only select healthy fish weighing at least 1 kg (unlike farmed ones, which are sold in weights starting from 300 g and are often full of anti-parasitic medications).

The sea bass you can choose from our display is truly a luxurious ocean treasure.


In our restaurant, we follow the rule: “everything as high quality as possible, everything as fresh as possible.”We love the intense flavor of smoked salmon, but we couldn’t find it anywhere in the quality that would satisfy us, so we started smoking it ourselves.

Smoking salmon is a complex biochemical process dependent on many factors, primarily the “materia prima”. Salmon for smoking must have a higher fat content, such as Scottish salmon, unlike Alaskan King Chinook salmon. Therefore, we use Scottish salmon for smoking, and we learned the smoking process in Scotland during our internship at a small family business that is among the best in the world in this field.

We store the smoked salmon under special conditions and serve it only after 20 minutes, allowing its flavor to fully develop.

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