Drink menu

Our beverage menu includes not only a variety of wines but also quality coffee and special spirits such as Slovak borovička and Italian grappa. We place great emphasis on the quality and authenticity of each drink to ensure that every experience you have with us is unforgettable.

KOGO aperitifs & amaro

Martini dry, Italy


Crodino (non-alcoholic), Italy


Carpano classico, Italy


Carpano bianco, Italy


Campari Bitter, Italy


Antica formula, Italy


The iconic and luxurious red vermouth ANTICA FORMULA, with its inimitable taste and quality.

Coffees & teas

We also offer caffeine – free coffee.


7g3 €


7g3,5 €


7g + 50ml3,5 €

Caffé latté

7g + 50ml4 €

Affogato al caffé

7g + 50ml5 €

Espresso with a scoop of homemade vanilla ice cream.

Espresso doppio

14g5 €

Thè Althaus + Miele

3,5 €

Tea, honey

Thè alla menta fresca + Miele

4,5 €

Fresh mint tea, honey

Thè allo zenzero + Miele

4,5 €

Fresh ginger tea, honey

Thè alla menta e zenzero + Miele

4,5 €

Fresh mint and ginger tea, honey

Non-alcoholic drinks

Lauretana Natural Mineral Water, Italy

0,33l4,5 €

Sparkling / still

Lauretana Natural Mineral Water, Italy

0,75l7,5 €

Sparkling / still

Natural mineral water with the lowest mineral content of only 14 mg/l from the Lauretana spring, which emerges at an altitude of 1,050 meters above sea level in the Monte Rosa mountain massif on the border of Italy and Switzerland. It is considered the purest spring water in Europe. The bottle design was created by the renowned Italian designer Pininfarina.

Aqua di rubinetto

1l1 €

Tap water

Spremuta d‘arancia / pompelmo / limone

0,1l3 €

Freshly squeezed orange, grapefruit or lemon juice

Pepsi Cola, Pepsi Cola light, Mirinda, 7up

0,25l3,5 €

Ice tea

0,25l3,5 €

Ice tea – peach or lemon


0,25l4,5 €

White / red

Tonic Gemelli indian, Italy

0,20l5 €

Tonic Gemelli blueberry rosé, Italy

0,20l5 €

Fever Tree Tonic Mediteran, France

0,20l5 €

Red Bull

0,25l5 €

Succo di fruta

0,20l7,5 €

Organic fruit juices according to the daily offer

Homemade lemonades

Virgin Mojito

0,3l9 €

Mint, lime, sparkling water, apple juice and Muscovado sugar

Citrus & Mint lemonade

1l9 €

Lemon, lime, cane sugar, mint

Ginger Lemonade

1l9 €

Lemon, lime, cane sugar, ginger

Elderf lower & Cucumber Lemonade

1l9,5 €

Elderflower syrup, cucumber, lemon juice


Pilsner Urquell, Czech republic

0,3l5 €

ERB, Slovakia

0,33l6 €


ERB 12%, Slovakia

0,33l6 €




Poli Mórbida 40%

0,04l8 €

This grappa is young but very aromatic. The aroma features citrus fruits and orange blossoms. The taste is long-lasting and unconventional due to the grape varieties used to produce this distillate: White Muscat and Yellow Muscat. It aged for 6 months in a stainless steel tank.

Poli Sassicaia 40% Barilli di San Guido

0,04l22 €

This creation is the result of a collaboration between the best grappa producer and the renowned winery Tenuta di San Guido, which produces the legendary Sassicaia. It has a full, structured taste and a subtly rounded, long-lasting aroma of vanilla and cocoa. Made from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, it aged for 4 years in French oak and 1 year in barrels previously used for Sassicaia.


Grappa di Prosecco Unica Grand Riserva 40%

0,04l10 €

The bouquet is dominated by characteristic tones of liqueur wines, mingling with floral accords, finishing with mature tannins and the aroma of roasted almonds.


Grappa TRE SOLI TRE 2004, Berta 40%

0,04l35 €

A full-bodied distillate from the Nebbiolo variety. The taste features a beautiful concert of ripe fruit, especially black currants, apricots, and cherries.

Domestic spirits & distillates

Trenčianska Juniperus Borovička Reserva 40%, Slovakia

0,04l7 €

Bošácka slivovica 6YO 52%, Slovakia

0,04l8 €

Pure Premium Pear® Hruškovica 40%, France

0,04l8 €

It is made from fresh, select Williams pears, through multiple distillations using a high-tech process and meticulous filtration. This ensures the crystal-clear character of this “pure poire” – “pure pear.”

La Cigogne® Mirabelle Marhuľovica 40%, France

0,04l8 €

The quality bar is set exceptionally high. Tasting brings the pleasure of their aromatic intensity and smooth taste.


Martell V.S. 40%, France

0,04l8 €

Cognac Frapin VSOP 40%, France

0,04l10 €

A unique VSOP cognac from the premium subregion of Grande Champagne. Its bouquet consists of fruity (orange) and slightly floral tones with vanilla in the background. On the palate, it is balanced and harmonious with a dominant orange note. The finish is spicy with hints of cinnamon and black pepper.

Cognac Frapin V.I.P. X.O. 40%, France

0,04l35 €

The VIP XO Grande Champagne cognac is elegantly rich and spicy. The taste is very smooth and gentle.

Martell X.O. 40%, France

0,04l35 €

This cognac has a dark golden color with coppery shades enriched by a mahogany shine. Its aroma is very complex yet cohesive. Initially, you can smell dried fruit, followed by beeswax.

Cognac Delamain XXO 40%, France

0,04l40 €

Dalamain XXO is a luxurious cognac from the Grande Champagne region, aged in oak barrels for at least 60 years. The aroma is full of vanilla, spices, citrus fruits, and dried fruit notes. The taste is smooth and full with hints of oak, vanilla, and spices. It is a cognac for discerning connoisseurs and lovers of luxury.



Jameson Black Barrel 40%, Ireland

0,04l8 €

Chivas Regal 18YO 40%, Scotland

0,04l17 €

This whiskey contains a blend of more than 20 types of rare Scottish single malt whiskies. You can detect a multi-layered aroma of dried fruits and spicy butter caramel. It is very rich and smooth with a velvety taste of dark chocolate and elegant floral tones.


Glenfiddich 15YO 40%, Scotland

0,04l13 €

This is a pure malt whiskey. Its aroma resembles chocolate with hints of peat and toasted bread. The taste of this whiskey is very delicious and silky, slightly spicy with a flavor of white chocolate.

Macallan 12YO 40%, Scotland

0,04l23 €

A series of single malt whiskies aged in a combination of European and American sherry and bourbon casks. This complex combination of oak casks gives the whiskey an exceptionally smooth and gentle character, full of citrus fruits, vanilla, and fresh oak.

Dalmore 15YO 40%, Scotland

0,04l26 €

The 15-year-old Dalmore whiskey was first introduced in 2007. It matured in Matusalem, Apostoles, and Amoroso sherry casks. These provide flavors of winter spices, orange peel, and chocolate. All the characteristic traits of the Dalmore brand.


Baileys, Scotland

0,04l5 €

Limoncello, Italy

0,04l5 €

Jägermeister, Germany

0,04l5 €

Amaretto Mazzeti, Italy

0,04l5 €

An Italian liqueur with the traditional taste of bitter almonds. The tradition of the top-notch family distillery MAZZETTI D’ALTAVILLA dates back to 1846.

Dom Pacello, France

0,04l14 €

A premium liqueur made from oranges. A luxurious orange liqueur with warm aromas of fresh oranges. Made with the addition of prestigious CAMUS cognac. An intensely aromatic liqueur with tones of sweet and bitter oranges in the aroma and a harmonious blend of flavors and aromas on the palate.


Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva 12YO 40%, Venezuela

0,04l11 €

A delicacy for rum lovers. Sweet with a fruity structure. Aged on average 12 years or more in oak.

Zacapa Centenario 23YO 40%, Guatemala

0,04l11 €

A unique masterpiece by the master blender. Aged in oak barrels, which enhances its intense fruit and spice flavors.

Plantation XO 40%, Barbados

0,04l13 €

This rum ages in oak barrels in Barbados and then finishes aging in France using small French oak barrels. Its taste is slightly sweet and floral with hints of dried fruit, vanilla, honey, and nuts.

La Cruz 25YO 40%, Panama

0,04l16 €

This 18-year-old rum is characterized by an intensely amber color and complex aromas dominated by delicate caramel, cinnamon, and tobacco. On the palate, it is energetic yet rounded with notes of fruit (ripe apricots) and sweet spices. The finish is warm, intense, and spicy.

A.H. Riise Non Plus Ultra 42%, Virgin Islands

0,04l18 €

Its average aging period is 25 years, and only 3,000 bottles of this exclusive rum are produced annually. It has a dark mahogany color with a delightful aroma of orange, molasses, and exotic fruits.

For more unique and world-class rums enriched with explanations from our habanosommelier, feel free to visit our Chivas lounge in D.Steakhouse.

Vodkas & gins

Ivan Hrozný vodka 40%, Russia

0,04l7 €

A premium Russian vodka created according to a 16th-century recipe, in the spirit of authentic luxury vodkas once produced in limited quantities for personal consumption by the Russian aristocracy.

Russian Standard Imperia 40%, Russia

0,04l11 €

A luxurious vodka utilizing ultra-soft pure glacier water, eightfold distillation, and exclusive filtration through birch wood charcoals, platinum, and gold filters.

Grey goose vodka 40%, France

0,04l11 €

One of the original super-premium vodkas made in France and undoubtedly one of the creamiest vodkas you have ever tasted.

Gin Bacûr 40%, Italy

0,04l7 €

Bacûr Dry Gin owes its unique character to precise distillation and the ingredients used in its preparation. Juniper berries, sage leaves, and lemon peel are first macerated in a mixture of water and alcohol, which is then distilled twice. The resulting distillate has a clean, elegant aroma and flavor with distinctive juniper notes, citrus aromas, cloves, and sage.

Gin Gold 999,9 40%, Spain

0,04l8 €

A fresh gin made from five-times distilled alcohol from France, the finest Spanish mandarins, and exotic spices, prominently featuring coriander, angelica root, cubeb from Java, all harmoniously blended with unmistakable juniper tones. The mandarins give this gin freshness and sweetness on the palate. It can be served on its own or as part of cocktails.

Gin Tranquebar royal danish nav y 52%, Holland

0,04l10 €

A premium gin produced in several thousand bottles at a time. The fact that you can taste subtle differences between batches is part of its charm, making the gin pleasantly distinguishable. The taste is initially intense with sweetness and warmth, followed by juniper and citrus fruits. Hints of nutmeg, cardamom, and coriander. The finish is simply amazing.

Gin Monkey 47 47%, Germany

0,04l14 €

An unusual gin from the Black Forest in Germany containing cranberries. This gin contains a total of 47 herbs, spices, flowers, and fruits, making it unique among all available gins.

Gin Monkey 47 Sloe 29%, Germany

0,04l14 €

A spicy, complexly produced alcohol created by macerating black forest sloes for three months.

Mixed drinks

Pink Lady Gin & Tonic ready to drink

0,275l9 €


0,24l11 €

Prosecco, eldelflower syrup, mint

Aperol Spritz (Veneziano)

0,24l11 €

Aperol, prosecco, sparkling water

Antica Formula & Tonic

0,24l12 €

Antica Formula, tonic, orange, ice

Moscow mule

0,25l14 €

Vodka, ginger beer, lime


0,3l14 €

Run, mint, lime, sparkling water, apple juice and Muscovado sugar


0,24l14 €

Gin, campari, carpano classico

All prices are in € including VAT.

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good appetite and cheers!