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Welcome in Caffe Ristorante KOGO!

Do you feel like having something special you have last eaten when you were on holiday at the seaside? Do you fancy for instance a grilled octopus, fresh fish or risotto with seafood? Or do you just long to sit on a terrace and have a rest? Well, Caffe Ristorante KOGO is the best choice. Our restaurant with a large terrace situated directly in the historical centre of Bratislava offers a view on Carlton hotel, the building of Slovak National Theatre and the statue of a great Slovak poet P.O. Hviezdoslav. Our cooks prepare meals from Mediterranean, mainly Italian cuisine; using only fresh ingredients. You can choose from 96 meals on the menu. Our specialty is home-made pasta prepared in 35 various ways; then 8 kinds of risottos, fresh fish and seafood; lamb, beef, and veal, and large salads. Home-made bread baked daily in our restaurant and extra virgin olive oil is served with the meals. Taste of meal is always underlined by good wine, therefore we have carefully selected a wide range of reputable Italian, Slovak and world wines in our offer. Here you encounter casual but highly professional and fast service. Come and enjoy KOGO experience.

Our regular customers' the most favourite meals:
Starters: octopus a la chef
Soups: bean soup with pancetta
Salads: buffalo mozzarella with fresh tomatoes and basil
Pastas: pappardelle with lamb and tomato sauce
Risottos: risotto with mushrooms and risotto with seafood
Meat Main Courses: lamb or veal roasted in wood-burning oven
Main Fish Courses: sea bass in salt crust/gilled
Sweets: ricotta cake with strawberries

Except regular daily offer we have special menu consisting mainly of fish and seafood.

Restaurant's capacity: 46 seats inside, 80 seats on the terrace
Payments: all credit cards accepted

Caffe Ristorante KOGO is a branch of successful Prague's restaurants KOGO. More information on www.kogo.cz

What was written about us: Bratislava's Newspaper, 11th May 2006: Kogo has immediately ranked among the best…

As an indirect proof of increasing living standard in Bratislava is a growing number of new restaurants opening in the centre, while a few belong to the category where a decent amount of money either in your wallet or on your credit card is expected to posses. Only recently a new restaurant of this kind has been opened on Hviezdoslavove námestie (Hviezdoslav Square) - Caffe Risorante KOGO. Each passer-by will certainly notice a sheltered summer terrace. It reaches up the level where the pavement is covered with cobblestones and because it takes a part of the pavement with smooth surface, it is in contradiction to the valid rules; particularly mothers with prams and pushchairs surely curse the terrace in thoughts because they have to walk around on a bumpy surface. Chairs are comfortable, but tables are little bit small, though, personnel when requested immediately pulled two tables together to make a bigger one. Inner space of the restaurant is divided into two parts separated by the passage which joins the Square and the courtyard. One part consists of a kitchen, bar, and toilets; the restaurant itself is in two unequally large rooms in the second part. The usage of the doors between the two rooms in the passage is simplified by eye controls. The interior is stylish; elegant mosaic in the bar goes smoothly from the walls to the ground. The restaurant part is similarly arranged. Earthly colours prevail, mainly shades of brown and yellow with white; in some rooms also black. Menu is varied, oriented unequivocally on Italian cuisine and the system how the chapters in the menu are organized is also in Italian style. Except usual starters, there is a special chapter consisting only of seafood starters; then wide range of pastas, eight kinds of risottos, also main courses where a special chapter belongs again only to meals from seafood. The choice of starters shows that the chef sets a high standard. Excellent Italian bacon with toasts (128 Sk) and especially a large portion of tasteful grilled octopus a la chef (346 Sk) proved high quality - we recommend it not only as a starter. Mixed smoked fish in balsamic vinegar (298 Sk) and bruschetta with roasted parma ham and gorgonzola cheese (158 Sk) are pleasant-tasting, too. All three chosen soups were delicious - bean soup with pancetta (132 Sk), veal soup with vegetables and home-made pasta (126 Sk), and tomato soup with pesto (116 Sk); from home-made pastas, it was gnocchi with lamb and tomato soup (296 Sk). Sirloin of argentinean beef (626 Sk) was also toothsome and very well prepared grilled meat: veal, beef, chicken, and sausages with roasted potatoes with rosemary (68 Sk) as a garnish. Both meals were juicy and medium done - according to our wish. Veal meat roasted in wood-burning oven (468 Sk) was also nice, moreover, the portion was so big that our colleague could not eat it only himself. From main fish courses - Dorado royal in salt crust/grilled (576 Sk) was simply perfect. Ricotta cake with strawberries (112 Sk) and walnut cake with chocolate cream (112 Sk) gave our visit an excellent ending. Caffe Ristorante KOGO belongs to more expensive restaurants but quid pro quo it offers high quality meals - especially main meat courses. Service is quick and precise. If the restaurant maintains the same level of quality, it will have all preconditions to stand in competition among the restaurants in the centre.

Our evaluation: 4 out of 5 stars
The restaurant was not informed about our visit in advance. The editors paid all expenses.
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